Kamis, 22 Maret 2012

Ontel simplex

Year 1887: the factory was founded in Utrecht Stationdwarsstraat (Station Road) with the name "Simplex Automatic Machine Company".Its founder an Englishman, Charles Bingham.Year 1890: Simplex bicycle production started in full / full.Piet Leeuwenberg of Charles Bingham Dekft founder and board of directors entered into in 1893. Leeuwenberg family became deputy directors until 1954.Simplex on the production bikehas reached 5000 pieces tahun1896 bike after moving places in the Overtoom, Amsterdam. This year Simplex gain status as the largest bicycle factory in Amsterdam.Year 1899: The plant is named NV Simplex bikes, plant machinery, bicycles, and motorcycles.Year 1908: Simplex launched a tricycle models (inparticular for transporting the sick). This model is not directly for long-distance transport.1939: Simplex introduces an aluminum bike with a weight of 12 kg.Production stopped in 1943 due to the war between the end of 1945.1952: Simplex join Locomotief, and around 1960 had produced 55 000 bicycles. Means has given kontriusi 10% of bicycle production in the Netherlands.